Children sitting on floor and reading books in their preschool class

Reading is everyone's best friend!


  1. Reading Decreases Stress Levels

Believe it or not, reading for at least 6 minutes reduces your stress levels by a whopping 69%.

  1. Reading Increases Empathetic Reasoning

Fiction has been found to develop greater empathetic reasoning in readers than nonfiction, so make sure you’re getting a good balance! Reading also helps children relate well to others and better process their own emotions.

  1. Reading Decreases Mental Decline and Increases Brain Pathways

Reading regularly can keep you sharper longer—by up to 32%! Reading regularly also provides great cognitive stimulation for your child, helping to strengthen the pathways and connections their brain builds, providing them with early language skills.

  1. Reading Increases Memory Retention

Reading actually utilizes different parts of your brain than does watching tv or listening to music, and the parts of your brain that are used when reading are actually in charge of keeping memories in-tact. Reading has even been found to help prevent Alzheimer’s!

  1. Reading Increases Quality of Sleep

Staring at computer or phone screens before going to sleep and make it harder for your brain to switch off. Getting in a standard routine of reading a book better helps your brain switch off, allowing you to get much better shut-eye!

  1. Reading Increases Parent-Child Bonding

This is a wonderful pro for both you and your child. When you read with your child, you are sharing a special moment with them. They’ll come to associate books and reading with special times with you. Reading is a great way to develop a relationship and bond with your child, while you both obtain 5 great health benefits!

Enjoy a good book with your child tonight and reap all of the wonderful benefits for them, and yourself!