Advocacy and Policy

We establish and build relationships with elected officials, governmental agencies, and private agencies to support our vision that every SC child who is deaf or hard of hearing will reach his or her fullest potential. Check out our work and current happenings in SC below!

Get Involved in Public Policy

How Do I Do That?

Check out the bills and acts that have been proposed to our legislators below. Then, find out who your legislators are by using the search field on the right of this page. The website will give you your legislators’ contact information, and all you have to do is call or send a letter to them and ask for their support for the specific bill that will help provide better outcomes for those with hearing loss!

Why Should I Get Involved?

Legislators make the decisions about our future, and some of these decisions have to do with children and hearing loss. As a parent, professional, or community member working with or related to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, odds are you know much more about hearing loss than our legislators do! That’s why it is so important for you as a citizen to inform your legislators about anything that comes up regarding hearing loss in South Carolina or federally. Legislators are here to pass laws, but they must be informed in order to do a good job deciding which bills and acts to pass and which to not–it’s our job as citizens to inform them so they can make good decisions! They want to hear from us!

What’s the Best Way for Me to Contact My Legislators?

Send them a letter. Address the bill you want them to support or reject, and tell your story. Giving your legislators a specific example of someone who will be impacted by the bill is the best way for them to connect as a human to the issue. Pull on their heart strings.

What’s Happening in Our State Now?

In What Other Efforts Is Beginnings SC Involved?

  • Advocacy Day for Access and Independence