Ah’Yania’s Story as Told by Her Mom

SuberLibrary08 (1)When I got custody of my grandniece in 2009, she was 5 years old. She had been in the Department of Social Services foster care system since birth. According to the foster mother, she was not given much help to understand Ah’Yania. Ah’Yania had no form of communication except to scream, kick, run around, fall on the floor, etc. as forms of communication. I feel that this was a learned behavior because she was placed in a class with all disabilities. I remember going to her school and saw another child that was autistic in the class have a temper tantrum and everyone when to see what he needed. My belief is that Ah’Yania saw this and imitated him because that meant she would get someone’s attention and maybe they would understand what she needed.

She was classified as defiant, emotional disturbed and mild to moderate mentally retarded. She was not even toilet trained. I am not sure when she was officially diagnosed as having a hearing loss.

When I met her, she was not wearing a hearing aid. I was informed that she had been fitted with two sets, but they were lost or destroyed. She had not been receiving any sign language instructions, yet an interpreter was assigned to the classroom to assist her. Most of the services that she was getting did not have anyone assigned to her that could effectively communicate with her.

My experience before placement with Beginnings is something that I would never want another parent to experience.

Yes, my story with Ah’Yania started off like it would never be bright, but it has, through the caring people at Beginnings. They have been so supportive in sharing resources that have helped me to better help Ah’Yania.

The knowledge that you receive when your child is initially diagnosed will prepare you as well as your child for a promising future.