Ava Hagan’s Family Story

Ava’s mom, Katie Hagan, discusses her journey with Beginnings SC.

“Learning that your child can’t hear is life altering. Beginnings SC educated us on our child’s hearing loss, helped us feel less alone in navigating Ava’s diagnosis, gave us the tools we need to support Ava’s growth and development, and connected us with others who are navigating the same with their children. Lisa with Beginnings SC equipped us with the knowledge we needed to navigate appointments, assessments, insurance, therapies, and support programs. She served as a vital sounding board in helping us advocate for Ava through the many hurdles we faced in getting her the hearing aids and services she needed.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and it scares me to think about how we would not be stewarding Ava’s language and development correctly if Beginnings had not reached out to us. We truly would not be where we are on Ava’s hearing and developmental journey if it weren’t for Beginnings.”