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#SelfAdvocacySunday Aware of self as a deaf or hard of hearing individual

#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 9-Camps for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children

#SelfAdvocacySunday Part 9: Camps for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children
24 February 2019Summer Camps!I have the pleasure of being a member of the Richland Sertoma Club, a service organization with a focus on children and adults with hearing loss. One of our big projects is sending children who are deaf or hard ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday Aware of self as a deaf or hard of hearing individual

#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 8-Role Models

#SelfAdvocacySunday Part 8: Role Models27 January 2019#SelfAdvocacySunday! Tonight’s post is all about really awesome adults that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I tried to find some from a variety of occupations and places so young children can find someone with whom to connect. Have a seat, and let’s get ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday graphic saying Constructive ways to deal with emotions

Installment 7: Constructive Ways to Deal with Emotions

Today's post is from a special contributor, Camillia J. Lynch. She is working on her Master's Degree in Professional Counseling. #SelfAdvocacySunday-Constructive ways to deal with emotions Kevin J. Donaldson stated, “Remember NO ONE has the right to control your emotions, thoughts, and actions unless you let them.” It is normal ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday Knowledge of hearing loss

Installment 6: Knowledge of Hearing Loss

#SelfAdvocacySunday-Knowledge of hearing loss Another crucial piece of #self-advocacy is for a child to be able to understand his or her hearing loss and explain it to another person. Imagine the confidence she will have when she, not her mom, says "These are hearing aids. I am hard of hearing ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday Active participant in a variety of setting

Installment 5: #SelfAdvocacySunday

Hi, there! Happy last Sunday of 2018, and last #SelfAdvocacySunday post of the year, too. This post not only helps with self-advocacy, it also helps with getting back into the routine of school. A tool that is immensely beneficial at home and at school is a visual schedule. A visual ...
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