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Summer IEP for Parents-Games (Click for a PDF)

Summer IEP…for Parents

Summer IEP for PARENTS:Got Game? Games, Activities, and SportsCara Senterfeit  • 7/02/19Summer IEP for Parents--Games, Activities, and Sports Welcome to the third round of the Summer IEP for PARENTS-- Games, Activities and Sports! Hope everyone is feeling good about doing some fun activities and using lots of language! This week ...
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Image of a drop of water making ripples along with text saying "Stay Hydrated #FillYourPitcher"

#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 12: Fill That Pitcher!

#SelfAdvocacySunday Part 12: Fill Your Pitcher
19 May 2019 #SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 12: Fill Your PitcherAKA-Take care of yourself first. If anyone is watching over my shoulder while I am working on this, they have one hand on their hip and the other is wagging a finger at me. I am the ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 11-Caring for Hearing Technology

#SelfAdvocacySunday Part 11: Caring for Hearing Technology
20 April 2019#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 11-3 Tips about Caring for Hearing TechnologyMany days there seems to be not enough time in the day. Soon it will be summer so put a post it note on the fridge and work on some #SelfAdvocacy skills this year ...
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#SelfAdvocacy for Parents-IEP Pre-planning

#SelfAdvocacy for Parents-IEP Pre-planning28 March 2019You have homework!Before the IEP, spend a little time filling out this worksheet and thinking about the upcoming year. You can write down all your thoughts that might "hide" once you get to the IEP meeting. Right-click and save the image below, or download a ...
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#SelfAdvocacySunday Aware of self as a deaf or hard of hearing individual

#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 9-Camps for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children

#SelfAdvocacySunday Part 9: Camps for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children
24 February 2019Summer Camps!I have the pleasure of being a member of the Richland Sertoma Club, a service organization with a focus on children and adults with hearing loss. One of our big projects is sending children who are deaf or hard ...
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