Cole’s Story as Told by His Mom,

Plus a Special Interview of Cole by His Brother Will

Young man with shoulder-length brown hair, smiling

“I just received Cole’s new IEP, and it has his new accommodations.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help with this whole process.  It has been so difficult, transitioning into the public school system this year. Cole’s hearing loss can be such a barrier to his learning in the classroom, but his ability to speak and communicate so well with everyone fools them into thinking he is just like everyone else.  They do not understand how difficult it is for him to understand the lessons, lectures, etc… Your involvement has been invaluable to our family in educating the school about exactly what he needs to succeed. Sharing your knowledge of how his hearing loss can affect his learning is so important to a successful IEP. After this year, with many months of studying more than twenty fours hours out of school per week, he needs a stronger IEP. Your input into the meeting was so appreciated, and I hope his new accommodations will make next year a better one. Knowing Beginnings is there for us is an answered prayer. Thank you.”