Consultation and Training

Beginnings provides consultation, trainings, and referrals to professionals, the community, and policy makers at child care programs, conferences, foster child care provider meetings, other meetings, and events.

Training topics include:

  • General Hearing Loss Information
  • Importance of Early Detection
  • Resources for Hearing Loss
  • Brain and Language Development
  • How to Provide Services
  • How to Refer to Beginnings SC IDEA/IEP/ADA/504
  • OAE Screening Information/Follow-Up Support for Staff
  • 1.0 hour SC-DSS Early Care and Education (SC Endeavors) Certified Training! Language and Learning: How Hearing Loss Changes the Game
  • 2.0 hour SC-DSS Early Care and Education (SC Endeavors Certified Training! Beginnings with Beginnings SC: Have you Heard the Big Ideas in Brain Development?

If any of these sound like you and your child care program, contact us to receive free information on location or in-home!