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There is an incredible project out of Chicago that is providing coaching for parents (and it started with parents of deaf children!) about how to “grow” a child’s brain just by talking! (Aside-I often read “talking” and insert whatever communication method is being used.)    There are “3 T’s” that are incorporated into the program. Tune In, Talk More, and Take Turns.  I’m going to talk about the concept of “Tune In” today, from my perspective (Cara.)    “Tune In” is paying attention to what your child is interested in and building on that.  For example, if your toddler is playing with cheerios, explained on that and talk about the cheerios. “The Cheerios are all over the table!  What are we going to do?  I’m going to eat one! Can you eat one? Who can eat two first?”  It is so easy to let life take us over, but parents have the power to create extraordinary IQs in their children, just my communicating with them.   So put a post-in note on the fridge and try the “Tune In” strategy this weekend.  Read more about The Million Words project at