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Oops!  I let yesterday go by without a post, and almost let today slip by!  Luckily I have two posts ready.  On Friday I posted about The Million Words project and the first “T”-“Tune In.”  The 2nd and 3rd Ts are “Talk More” and “Take Turns.”  Talk More is the  reminder to increase the amount of talk in your house, and to add more descriptive words. “That’s a big black bear sitting on the tiny little chair.” “You spilled so much milk! That’s a huge mess to clean up.”  I’m being a little silly, but it works.  The 3rd T is “Take Turns.”  Another critical part of language development is back and forth conversation. That helps to build brain development, too.  Even before a child can speak/sign, parents smile back and forth with their child, take turns using eye contact and nonverbal cues-even that is building the language areas of the baby’s brain.  That doesn’t stop when actual communication occurs-it just increases.  Take Turns helps remind us to do more of those back and forth conversations.