This started as a P.S. on yesterday’s post when I realized it was getting too wordy!  Here are my thoughts on homework.
  • Make sure that there is one established place to do homework.  Keep some basic supplies near for homework time.
  • Find a place near the door for school bags.  Each night put book bags, finished homework, and signed papers near that door so there’s no morning panic!
  • There’s a fine line between helping your child do homework and spending so much energy reteaching that the classroom teacher isn’t aware of the struggle.   Help your child, yes, but maybe write a note on the bottom of the homework that lets the teacher know how much you helped.  Or, let the teacher know that efforts were made for [an hour] and couldn’t move on.
  • Make sure you have a way of communicating with the teacher daily.
  • Our kids work harder at school than the kids without a hearing loss, just by listening and watching…Some down time after school is vital!  I’m a huge proponent of “Go outside and play!”