Eli’s Story as Told by His Parents


Smiling boy with dark hair, wearing orange and white striped shirt.

Where do we begin? We are so very thankful for Beginnings SC!! We have spent years struggling to keep Eli in regular education and the least restrictive environment yet have all of his various needs met within our school district. This had become extremely difficult and we were at a loss on where to go or what to do next. Enter Beginnings SC! At a visit with our audiologist at MUSC we expressed our concerns and she told us to contact [Beginnings SC]. What an awesome suggestion and addition to our lives!

One phone call later [Cara] drove up from Columbia to the Upstate and brought information, direction, and hope! Helping us to understand Eli’s special needs and identify the agencies that could help us and even more importantly attending IEP meetings and bringing an understanding to everyone in attendance what needed to be done to allow Eli to excel in every aspect of his learning. Thank you for not accepting the phrase “adequate progress.” Thank you for knowing the law and being able to express it in Eli’s defense. Thank you for the encouragement as we, his parents, navigated the gauntlet of special needs education.

We are on a new path better educated and with a “map” and a plan for the future. We would not have that nor be as confident in our decisions without Beginnings SC. We are forever in your debt. Thank you!

Tim & Marie Moon