Jayden’s Story as Told by His Mom

Young boy sitting in nature, wearing blue plaid shirt and orange vest.

Our son Jayden was diagnosed with EVA (enlarged vestibular aqueduct) as a four year old, after failing his hearing test at school. We were devastated at first, but came to understand this is the new normal.

Jayden’s doctor and audiologist recommended we have an FM system to assist him at school. After several meetings with school officials, we were getting nowhere. We were told he is not old enough to have any testing; he will grow out of it and to just be patient.

At an appointment with Jayden’s Audiologist, we discussed options for getting assistance with the schools cooperation with Jayden’s needs. She recommended Beginnings SC, as an avenue to assist us navigate the school system, to get Jayden the help he needed at school.

Mary reached out to us right away and discussed her thoughts and suggestions. She was immediately on board with helping us learn how to advocate for Jayden’s needs within the school the school system.

Mary and Beginnings have been assisting us now for about 3 years, attending meetings, writing letters, and researching additional options for us. Without Beginnings’ help, Jayden would not be succeeding how he is in school today.