Lisa Pullen’s Family Story

Lisa Pullen talks about her journey with Beginnings SC.

“For many years I knew few people who worked in organizations such as Beginning SC, which helps families with deaf children or resources for deaf family members. Before I became in a relationship with my partner, I didn’t need help. However, after my family became larger with my partner, I didn’t realize that I needed help until a friend reminded me about Beginnings. I reached out to Beginnings and explained my situation.

Like I said, my family got bigger! With my partner I got two more babies. Then within a few months before my last baby was born, my partner had to take his child from a previous relationship to live with us under emergency reasons.

The impact from Beginning SC was they helped me with a lot of resources for children.Three of four of our kids are either deaf or hard of hearing. Plus one child has ADHD which I need help with. 

Beginnings SC’s resources bring a lot of help such as education, children’s needs, and helping me figure out finances that I didn’t expect to be under but I’m working to get out. Also helping me with parent coaching courses. The list keeps getting longer but help is always on the way and there for me. I am not the only one who gets happiness…my children get more happiness too. 

Beginnings SC has resources to help me just like other families. I am glad I got Beginnings SC to help my family.” 

(Children are ages 11,3,2, and 1.)