Naomi’s Story as Told by Her Mom

Mom and daughter smiling at the camera, holding a certificate that says "rock star."

When my daughter, Naomi, failed two school hearing screenings in third grade two years ago, life seemed to start spiraling out of control.

I started asking Naomi so many questions and received heartbreaking responses. Responses like, “I can’t hear my friends when they whisper in my ear,” or “None of my headphones work correctly on one side.” I wanted to know how I could have missed this. I had a lot of guilt. I had not heeded some warning signs. My husband and I recall having to repeat ourselves to Naomi so many times, as well as asking her why she didn’t hear us calling for her to come when she was in her room playing. We even thought she had a childhood speech impediment that she would grow out of, but later we learned it was her hearing loss that led to the difficulty she had in articulating certain consonants.

There were too many questions and not enough answers; that is, until I found Beginnings SC! After finding their number online, I immediately called.

Cara was my first point of contact. Her genuine concern, as well as a wealth of knowledge, was the first things I noticed right from the start. She immediately mailed me a manual that helped to answer so many of our questions and reassured me that I had found the right resource. I went from being completely heartbroken and guilt stricken to being well informed and able to strongly advocate for my child, all with Cara right by my side.

Whether by phone call, text, email, fax, or driving over an hour to meet me at my child’s school (3 different times might I add), Cara has always been there for support. Cara’s expertise, professionalism, and genuine care and concern for Naomi have blown me away! Beginnings SC helped turn the events of Naomi’s hearing loss into a gain because we have truly gained so much, thanks to their staff.