Parent Counseling

Parents are the key to their child's hearing loss journey.

Beginnings empowers parents, helping them face the challenges of hearing loss and find avenues for assistance that can lead to their child’s happy and successful adulthood.

We know this journey can be intimidating, but we also know that “given accurate, objective information about hearing loss, parents can make sound decisions for their child…for the best possible outcomes,” as Joni Alberg, PhD has said.

Our Parent Education Specialists are here to help you through your child’s hearing loss journey, with individualized, impartial support.

How Can Beginnings Help Me?

  • proactive family interaction
  • communication and language skills
  • building on existing family strengths
  • individualized information for parents about their child
  • strategies for school success
  • referrals to programs and supports
  • educational rights and procedures
  • parenting concerns
  • training modules for parents
  • and more!

Your involvement has been invaluable to our family in educating the school about exactly what he needs to succeed.

Kim Harley
Parent of a Child with Hearing Loss

I am so glad you all are in SC. I cannot tell you the relief I felt knowing there was an advocate available to call on when I felt cornered.

Kim Jolly
Parent of a Child with Hearing Loss

We have gotten more answers in the past
month since I first called you than we have in the past six years.

Megan Smith-Shelton
Parent of a Child with Hearing Loss

Anatomy of a Home Visit

Read about what happened at one home visit so you know what to expect at yours.

Language Labs

As an exciting part of our Education and Awareness Program, we are also producing FREE Language Labs! Share with your families.

IEP Prep Home Visit

Take a sneak peek into a home visit where a mom learns about a recent evaluation and the possible IEP that will be developed by the IEP team.