We offer Hearing ScreeningsTrainings and Technical Assistance/Consultation for child care programs in South Carolina. Read more about those here!

There are other resources that will help you in your program:

Welcoming the Child with Hearing Loss into Childcare

Talking to a child/adult with Hearing Loss

Making a Daycare more Deaf Friendly

Signs of Hearing Loss in Infants, Toddlers, and Older Children

DCMP- Free educational videos, with captions for young readers, but also useful to learn sign language https://dcmp.org ; Here’s how to apply: https://dcmp.org/learn/382

Emailable Tips for Preschool Teachers- These are tips for parents or interventionists to send to preschool teachers, but they also work to let preschool teachers know what helps best for a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. 

Keeping Hearing Aids on young children: Babies 0-12 MonthsToddlers 12-24 MonthsPreschoolers 2-5 years

Socialization and the Child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Listening is Exhausting!

Free Sign Language Resources and Activities from Signing Time! 

100 Basic Signs (video)

ADA for Childcare

Language Labs

As an exciting part of our Parent Education and Awareness Program, we are also producing FREE Language Labs, which are words and activities used to fill in language gaps for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. You can use them like a checklist to make sure your child knows the words (spoken/signed/both) and understands the word/concept expressively (what they are saying/signing) and receptively (listening/signing comprehension). Share these with your families!

Language Lab

We provide services to families and professionals around South Carolina. Beginnings SC is shining light on the impacts of hearing loss on children and their families. We are making the invisible visible.




Books with Beginnings

Our video series to share information about how to increase language for children who are deaf or hard of hearing using BOOKS! In the video below, watch our Director of Programs Mary Reaves describe the book "Around the World" by Craig Shuttlewood.

We have a whole playlist of BWB videos on our YouTube channel, including some books that are signed. We're always looking for more books and volunteers to help us with this video project! If you're interested, please email us about volunteering.

Blog Posts

Read more about children who are deaf and hard of hearing and how to support their language, social-emotional, and overall development.