#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 12: Fill That Pitcher!


Part 12: Fill Your Pitcher

19 May 2019


#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 12: Fill Your Pitcher

AKA-Take care of yourself first. If anyone is watching over my shoulder while I am working on this, they have one hand on their hip and the other is wagging a finger at me. I am the worst at taking care of myself--first or last.

But as moms, moms of kids with different kinds of needs (and I am in this group as well) we MUST keep trying, until we succeed. Did you know that mothers average 17 minutes of free time PER DAY

There are lots of ways to do self-care. I use to think it meant I had to go get a pedicure or a massage. But sitting outside alone is self-care, talking to a friend and cheering them up is self-care, going for a walk with some loud music is self-care. This is a great article with lots of ideas. Some of my favorites are:

Write and send a sweet card to someone – a birthday card, a “thinking of you” card, a “get well" card, a "congratulations" card, or a “no-reason” card.

Color a picture from a coloring book with or beside your child. Take your time.

Go on a social media kindness spree – use 20 minutes to post nice comments on people’s social media or through messenger.

Follow the “rule of three”: always be consciously aware of 3 things that you’re looking forward to.

One of the easiest ways to get an instant uplift is do some 2 to 1 breathing. Basically you breathe in for a count of 2, then out for 4. Or whatever count you like, but the breath out is double the count of the breath in. 

As parents who are trained to think of language opportunities every minute of the day, you especially need to take care of yourself. It's hard to be chipper and have variations in your voice and/or signing so that your child is engaged if you don't have the energy. I'm blogging about this during #MentalhealthAwareness month and taking up a #SelfAdvocacySunday post because your own #MentalHealth is crutial--to you as a parent and to the success of your child.