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Part 8: Role Models

27 January 2019

#SelfAdvocacySunday!  Tonight’s post is all about really awesome adults that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  I tried to find some from a variety of occupations and places so young children can find someone with whom to connect.   Have a seat, and let’s get going!

You can be anyone you want! 

A counselor like the first deaf counselor in Rhode Island’s history:–video 

A Deaf (video game) streamer: 

A Deaf football player- Derrick Coleman: 

Photograph of rapper Sean Forbes wearing green mechanic clothing and holding jumper cables to his right ear.
Deaf Rapper Sean Forbes

A Deaf rapper, who plays with an orchestra! and one song Jake Bass and Jeff Bass on Guitar, Luis Resto on Piano, Dame Evelyn Glennie on Percussion with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on Dec 16, 2018

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