#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 11-Caring for Hearing Technology


Part 11: Caring for Hearing Technology

20 April 2019

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It's Summer!

#SelfAdvocacySunday: Part 11-3 Tips about Caring for Hearing Technology

Many days there seems to be not enough time in the day. Soon it will be summer so put a post it note on the fridge and work on some #SelfAdvocacy skills this year. Yes, you have homework!

You can read some of the earlier #SelfAdvocacySunday posts like IEP Pre-planning for parents, Self-Advocacy by Knowing about own Hearing Loss, and DHH Role Models for other ideas, but if your child hasn’t mastered taking care of her hearing aids, work on that first.  

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1st: Find a place for all the hearing technology equipment.  Keep them organized! You can even get crafty. https://www.hearinglikeme.com/organizing-your-hearing-technology/

2nd: Make sure your child knows how to take care of her hearing aids. Start with knowing the parts, knowing how to use the battery door, how to replace a battery, how to charge any transmitters, and build from there. Here are more specifics.

3rd: Having a little fun decorating hearing technology can also improve the ownership and pride of wearing technology.  Here are some ideas to get you started from our Pinterest Board https://www.pinterest.com/beginningssc/bling-your-technology.

Many hands are working on paper crafts.