Wouldn’t it be great if children came with an “owner’s manual?”

Parenting is a verb! It takes hard work and a lot of effort. When there is an extra layer, such as hearing loss, even knowing where to start is often difficult. Beginnings SC provides expert guidance and education for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children or parents who are deaf or hard of hearing. Beginnings SC is here in South Carolina to be your guide; from learning about your child’s hearing loss, to what educational options are available, to how to locate resources in your county.  Get in touch with us and start your action plan. Free of charge. From birth until your child turns 22. Contact us for more information, or to start finding the answer to the question of “Now what?!”

Parent Counseling

Parents are the key to their child’s hearing loss journey. We support parents in this journey by means of education, support, and empowerment, free of charge.

Technical Assistance and Training

We share best practice strategies for hearing loss with child care providers, educators, and the community.

Hearing Screenings

Early intervention screenings in diverse settings throughout SC are essential to identifying hearing loss. We provide OAE screenings to child care programs throughout the state, free of charge.

Advocacy and Policy

We collaborate with legislators, agencies, and influencers to promote policies that benefit those with a hearing loss. We provide information so that you, too, can become involved in these efforts.

Services for Child Care Providers

We provide hearing screenings and SC Endeavors training to child care providers across SC, free of charge

Awareness and Education

We utilize social media, our website, media, events, and exhibiting to foster awareness and action.