Here at Beginnings SC, we serve over 200 families throughout our state. Each has a unique and special story.

We invite you to learn some of their stories here to better understand how Beginnings is inspiring hope through empowerment, education, and engagement in the lives of families of children with hearing loss all across South Carolina.

Role Model

Cole's Story

Cole’s Story as Told by His Mom, Plus a Special Interview of Cole by His Brother Will “I just received Cole’s new IEP, and it has his new accommodations.  I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help with this whole process.  It has been so difficult, transitioning into the public school


Andrew's Story

Andrew’s Story as Told by His Mom Having Beginnings help me learn the educational impacts of my son’s hearing loss has been beneficial in me learning, as a parent, to better advocate for him. The knowledge and understanding that Cara brings is so uplifting and empowering. Ever since I realized that my son was DeafBlind


Micah and Mia's Story

Micah and Mia’s Story as Told by Their Mom Our journey as parents of a hard of hearing child began in 2014 when our son, Micah was born. He failed his newborn hearing screening and 6 weeks later, at his ABR, he was diagnosed with hearing loss. We were given a lot of information that


Eli's Story

Eli’s Story as Told by His Parents   Where do we begin? We are so very thankful for Beginnings SC!! We have spent years struggling to keep Eli in regular education and the least restrictive environment yet have all of his various needs met within our school district. This had become extremely difficult and we


Abby's Story

Abby’s Story as Told by Her Mom “This is my oldest. Her name is Abby. She is pretty amazing (when she isn’t being too much of a 7 year old diva.) She has had to work very hard for things many of us take for granted. Abby was born with moderate to severe hearing loss


Stephen's Story

Stephen’s Story as Told by Beginnings & His Mom Little Stephen has been through a lot. But thanks to Ms. Tracy and Mr. Billy, he has started living a whole new life. You see, he spent his first three years bouncing from hotel to hotel, only understanding how to get his needs met by screaming


Jayden's Story

Jayden’s Story as Told by His Mom Our son Jayden was diagnosed with EVA (enlarged vestibular aqueduct) as a four year old, after failing his hearing test at school. We were devastated at first, but came to understand this is the new normal. Jayden’s doctor and audiologist recommended we have an FM system to assist


Naomi's Story

Naomi ‘s Story as Told by Her Mom When my daughter, Naomi, failed two school hearing screenings in third grade two years ago, life seemed to start spiraling out of control. I started asking Naomi so many questions and received heartbreaking responses. Responses like, “I can’t hear my friends when they whisper in my ear,”


Ena's Story

Ena’s Story as Told by Her Mom


Ainsley's Story

Ainsley’s Story as Told by Her Mom We knew at the age of 3 that Ainsley had some hearing loss from a hole in her eardrum from ear tubes. The audiologist Ainsley had at the time told us it wouldn’t affect her and there wasn’t much we could do other than just wait and see