Summer IEP for PARENTS:

Got Game? Games, Activities, and Sports

Cara Senterfeit  • 7/02/19

Summer IEP for Parents--Games, Activities, and Sports

Welcome to the third round of the Summer IEP for PARENTS-- Games, Activities and Sports!

Hope everyone is feeling good about doing some fun activities and using lots of language! This week is more of the same-Games, Activities, and Sports. Regardless of the hot SC sun, summer is still a perfect time for fun. Family activities, silly games, outings to see your favorite team play, and playing cards are all ways to add a little more vocabulary development. It doesn’t have to be structured or elaborate, but it does need to be engaging. 

One rule: Have fun and talk*! *Talk, sign, cue, write...just do language. 

Grab a Language Lab and start brainstorming. Here are more ideas to get you going.