Summer IEP for PARENTS:

All the Feels! (Emotions and Feelings)

July 2019

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Summer IEP for Parents-All the Feels' Week!

Welcome to the second installment of the Summer IEP for PARENTS-the WEEK OF THE FEELS! Feelings and emotions galore. Get your Emotions and Feelings Language Labs here.  If you need a refresher about the Summer IEP for Parents, or missed round one, check it out here. The biggest point in all of these is USE YOUR WORDS! And for the Weeks of the Feels, you need to USE YOUR WORDS to describe your feelings and emotions. 


If you have tried the ideas on the IEP For Parents and want more, here are...


1. Make puppets with old socks or paper bags. Act out scenes. You could make photo props with paper and sticks. Cut out smiles, frowns, and all the emotions that are on your targeted word list. Take selfies. Show other family members.

2. Find pics of your child making different emotions. Make a mini photo album with the pictures and add a sentence about the emotion he/she was showing such as “Trevor was very excited to see his cousin!” or “Ashley was frightened by the ghost on Halloween.”

3. Howard B. Wigglebottom is my spirit animal. 🙂 There are videos, songs, activity ideas, and more at this site. It also has CC! I’ve used this with my own children--sometimes after an incident about which we need to talk, and other times just to use as a talking point. You could turn off the sound/CC and just explain (or make up a new story) what is happening. “Is Howard happy? Howard is sad because his friend is sad. Howard is embarrassed because he dropped his milk.” 

4. So many good ideas here! There is a “Home” list at the bottom, but feel free to use them all!

5. For older children, you could download and print these emotion cards. This site has the cards and 8 game ideas.

6. One last site-- -- This one has THIRTY activities. Enter at your own risk! You know your limit when it comes to finding good activities.

If you want to reinforce signing, and/or learn some words, check out Megan and Aileen signing Emotion and Feeling words. And check out the Spanish translation!