Videos from Beginnings SC

Let's take a trip-to the audiologist!

"An audiological evaluation" sounds (no pun intended) a bit overwhelming. Watch this pediatric audiologist do a variety of assessments to determine this boy's hearing levels.

IEP Planning Home Visit

Ms. Catharine was about to go to her first IEP meeting for her son.  Talk about being overwhleming!  Cara met with her at home and showed her what a typical evaluation report looked like and how that information would help create an IEP for her son.

Parent Notebook

Beginnings SC's Parent Notebook is a way for parents to tame the paperwork that accompanies a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.  This video helps the parent set up their notebook and get organized for their next meeting. 

What's it like to be Deaf?

Watch this interview of the Harley brothers. Cole is a high school student soon to graduate.  He and his brother affectionately talk about like in their house.