MidlandsGives is right around the corner! Less than 6 days away! Set your alarm for 12:01am May 6th to get up and make an online contribution! Actually, you have 23 hours and 58 minutes (until 11:59pm on May 6th) to make a contribution, so anytime that day will be great. Here’s our link: http://ow.ly/wkU6g.

You also can join Mary, Cara, Chris from the Silent Carolina Club and many others at Carolina Ale House in the Vista from 5-7pm and eat a little, drink a little, chat a little and make a donation during all that fun. And we have some DOOR PRIZES! More info here on Facebook http://ow.ly/wkUkr.

After you make a donation, make a sign that says “I donated to Beginnings SC” and take a selfie and post it on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/BeginningsSC We will be taking all your pictures and making a photo collage. We even made some signs that you can print, or stand next to and take a picture.  Have fun and support the community.

So, we want to see everyone-either at Carolina Ale House or your smiling face on Facebook.  Go put it on the calendar!




(scroll down to find your favorite and open the PDF file.)

#MidlandsGives for Beginnings SC
#MidlandsGives for Beginnings SC

Download these here:


To help Midlands’ families have options

6-FurtherMission-650To further the mission of Beginnings SC


I love language!


To help my community


Because I was asked by a friend


I believe in access!