I just found this full-length episode from Nick news about 5 different deaf and hard of hearing kids, called Now Hear This! What is you were Deaf?  (from the blog of LC Interpreting Services.) The blog post was Deafness is Not One Size Fits All–had I found this yesterday, it would have been the perfect end to the multiple days of posts about different ways to communicate.  But, it is here now.  It’s pretty cool!  It shows ASL and Spoken Language users, boys and girls, parents and interpreters, mainstream and Deaf schools.

The host, Linda Ellerbee, says at the end “All deaf kids live, or have lived, with outside pressure adapt to a hearing world. to be like everyone else…Well, what’s so special about being like everyone else?  Yes, as we’ve heard, deaf kids face obstacles that hearing kids don’t, but perhaps the biggest problem facing kids who don’t hear is a hearing world that doesn’t listen.”

Get your kid, sit down and spend 22 minutes watching this.