Zavaeha Pullin’s Family Story

Zavaeha’s mom, Brittney Pullins, describes her journey with Beginnings SC.

“When it comes to Beginnings SC and how they have impacted my family, it’s just them being there for us in this time of need that we are going through. I found out my baby was deaf when she hit one year old. I told the doctor my concerns and they were trying to get her in to be seen but they took too long so I took her myself. All the resources that I have now are a big help. Mrs. Lisa Jolly feels more like family than just a friend and a person who is assigned to us until my baby is 22 years old. I feel like without meeting her and getting to know her I don’t know where I would be because this is so overwhelming and is very scary at times. When I am going through a lot of stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with her health. I am so glad that I can still reach out to Mrs. Lisa Jolly for anything, and she will help me the best way she can and show me how she is here for me and my family with everything that we are going through. She showed me that no matter what I go through, keep my head up and I will get to the point that I am trying to reach. And that I am not alone and I don’t have to take everything in at one time – that I can take my time and it’s a lot to learn. Also that I can go to different groups and family things to learn more about what’s going on with my child and have other families that are going through this with us.”