#TeamTuesday Feature: Aileen Welch

January 2022

Every Tuesday, Beginnings SC will highlight the professionals across South Carolina doing amazing work in their role to help deaf & hard of hearing children in our state reach their fullest potential! It takes an entire team (or a village, if you will) to provide families with the best support and resources to help their children.

Team Tuesday Aileen Welch

Featured: Aileen Welch, Regional Counselor for the Deaf, SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department


What is your connection with deaf and hard of hearing families/individuals?

I have an all deaf ASL-using caseload from all over SC. My caseload is a mixture of deaf adults and deaf transition students in high school.

I am also deaf and have two children with hearing loss.


Describe your role/job in one sentence:

I help deaf individuals become work ready, find jobs, and help remove barriers to employment which also includes assisting with training and education.


Why/how did you get involved?

Having applied for VR services in the past, I was disappointed with my own personal experience. I wanted to help the deaf individuals in SC seeking Voc Rehab support so they wouldn't have the same experiences I did.


What is something you feel is important that you would like to share?

Having someone work with you that speaks the same language as you can be a very powerful thing. Knowing that the person working with you has had their own struggles with hearing loss can do a lot to establish rapport.


What are your three must have smart phone apps?

Genius Scan, the Bank app and my Otter app!